• R Paul Jacobson


    Paul was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is a forth generation Calgarian. He is a practicing lawyer, a member of the Alberta Bar for over 25 years.

    A year after receiving a BA (Economics) from the University of Calgary Paul continued his post secondary studies in law graduating from the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law, in 1986. Paul articled with the law firm McKimmie Matthews and was called to the Alberta Bar in July of 1987.

    Paul then spent the next three years with Deloitte Haskins Sells working in the Calgary office tax group. He completed the CICA In-depth Tax Course and gained considerable experience in tax compliance and planning. In the fall of 1989 Paul started his law practice focusing on owner-manager tax planning.

    In the fall of 1989 Paul started his law practice focusing on owner-manager tax planning. His practice also included consulting on international tax issues for Roy Saunders of International Fiscal Services Limited and Milton Grundy of Gray's Inn Tax Chambers, both international tax practitioners based in London England; and Denys Laurence of International Management Trust, an international tax lawyer based in Monaco. Paul enhanced his international tax practice by obtaining a Masters of Law, International Taxation, from Regent University, Faculty of Law, in the spring of 2001.

    Paul was appointed Queen's Counsel in 2008 and holds memberships in the Law Society of Alberta, the International Fiscal Association, the Canadian Tax Foundation, the Canadian Bar Association and the Estate Planning Council of Calgary.

    Paul has a passion for international travel. His favorite destination is Europe and, in particular, France. When not traveling Paul enjoys golfing and spending time in the Rocky Mountains; hiking in the summer and snowshoeing in the winter.

    Paul is married and has an adult daughter.

  • R Paul Jacobson


    Fiscal planning can take on a variety of meanings. For Paul, fiscal planning comprises three essential elements.

    The first element is tax planning, the corner stone of fiscal planning. Taxpayers are allowed to arrange their affairs to pay the least amount of tax. Unfortunately, not all taxpayers avail themselves of the numerous planning opportunities that exist both in Canada and internationally.

    The second element is asset preservation. Acquiring assets, or building a business, and paying off debts are excellent goals. Over time large amounts of wealth are created without much attention given to preserving that wealth from attack by unsecured creditors.

    The third element is estate planning, what to do with one's estate on death (or business on retirement), in a tax efficient manner with preservation in mind. Procrastination is the biggest problem one faces in this element of fiscal planning.

    For Paul all three elements together comprise fiscal planning and in his mind they are not mutually exclusive. Common examples of fiscal planning include income splitting, family trusts, asset preservation strategies, wills and enduring powers of attorney.

    Paul's practice of law can be defined as fiscal planning. It focuses on educating taxpayers and their advisors of these opportunities and implementing customized fiscal plans.

  • R Paul Jacobson


    Paul enjoys sharing his knowledge of fiscal planning with other professionals and university students.

    After finishing his Masters of Law, International Tax, Paul became an Adjunct Professor with the Faculty of Law, Regent University. For two years Paul lectured on the subject of trusts (and other entities) and their taxation. The course looked at the concept of trusts, the civil law alternatives to trusts and the international tax consequences of using these vehicles for cross border tax planning.

    Paul has also been a guest lecturer for the Faculty of Law, University of Calgary. He has also developed numerous international tax courses for the Alberta Institution of Chartered Accountant's continuing education program and has lectured for the Institute as well.

    Paul is more than happy to do speaking engagements on fiscal planning. Please contact him for topics and fee quotes.

  • R Paul Jacobson


    Throughout the years Paul has written numerous papers on fiscal planning, including:

    Canada's International Tax System;
    Canada's Immigration/Emmigration Rules;
    Canada's Transfer Pricing Regime;
    OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines;
    Foreign Investment Entities: Australia, New Zealand and Canada;
    Asset Preservation Techniques.

    Requests for a copy of any of these papers are most welcome. Please contact Paul directly for a copy of any of the papers. Remember, these papers are date sensitive, general in nature and should only be read to give the reader a general overview of the subject matter.


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